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Delivering growth with transformative impact for health care organizations.

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Market Development

Prozela works with healthcare organizations to target relevant health issues that require interventions with evidence-based market research, strategies and collaborative initiatives. We partner with the organizations to create meaningful measures that leave a lasting impact and benefit the organization and society as a whole.

Transformation Programs

Prozela enables healthcare organizations to build a culture of quality among all its core stakeholders. By helping them develop and lay down policies, processes and Clinical Analysis Programs, we help the organizations to deliver twenty-first-century medicine which is patient-centered, collaborative, and uncompromising on quality.

Growth Strategy Building

With in-depth market research and assessment and by providing a competitive landscape analysis to identify and examine competitor product offerings, social media content, and marketing strategies, Prozela provides strategic insights to healthcare organizations and forges meaningful partnerships that help them grow and improve their business.

Strategy and Market Advisory

India is a booming market and there are numerous global healthcare organizations looking to enter the Indian market. Prozela works with the organizations to help them develop strategies for entry and growth through sales competency mapping, improving management effectiveness through coaching, mentoring and leadership development.

About Prozela

Prozela, a boutique healthcare company focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. We are clinicians and management professionals who share a passion for helping healthcare organizations drive growth, operating efficiency and talent management, creating an indelible impact on health systems and population health.

Our Partners

Partner to the world’s second-largest accreditation body for hospitals and ambulatory care for India & South Asia.

Circle of life

Transforming healthcare by bringing AI involved AMR surveillance and suggestive predictions for better antibiotic prescriptions.

Digitization of OPD consulting with no behavior change. Track prescriptions and prevent revenue leakages. Many more applications

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